By: Fithri  Dzakiyyah Hafizah

By and large, we know that the usage of medicine is for healing the illness. Either the medicine contains herbal and chemical substance, or formed by the positive suggestion from ourselves in order to cure our illness, such as faith or prayers. But, actually there are some significant differences between healing dealing with common medical healing (such as capsule, tablet, pill, etc) and spiritual healing (healing by suggestion). In spite their purposes are the same, but the origins and the processes are different.  Medical healing, for instance by some medicine like pill, is usually originated from chemical substance or herbal substance that made in mechanical process by hand or machine. It has been common that most of people are addicted to this medicine when they are getting sick. Sometimes they do not care about the side effect and box warning that written on the pack. In another side, maybe they will get the temporary recovery but they will get the negative effect in the human immunity and nervous system. Otherwise, spiritual healing is originated from the soul. Actually, soul has a tight relation with body. Our soul can stimulate our body to be health again when we are getting sick. Different from medical healing which has side effect and give some negative effect too, spiritual healing can produces the positive effects for our body,  because it produces the new spirit, optimistic, and belief that his/her illness will be healed. It would be better if there are another supporting environment, such as comfortable, clean, tidy, full of cheers, calm that can produce the new spirit bigger. However, despite the modern medicine such as herbal medicine is good for healing, but medicine with suggestion (spiritual healing) is better, because it is consist the vital spirit which is make ourselves more optimistic, without side effect, even without costly price, it’s free, determined by our soul to be recovery soon.

In general, actually spiritual healing is identic with self-healing. Spiritual healing is a healing method where there is a tight natural interaction, interrelation and interconnection between body and soul to suggest our body to be healed or to be health again. There are some aspects which support this definition. First, moslems perceive that health is according to spiritual health, intellectual, psychologies, and physics. Second, the traditional healers believe that the basic nature of health is should be holistic if we want to know and understand healing phenomena. Holistic in this context is such as spiritual condition, intellectual, psychology and physic. However, traditional healers perceive that illness is the disharmony in the human body totally, that involve not only medical patient body but also his/her thought, his/her description, his/her dependence to physical environment and social, and human relation between cosmos and God. That is why, spiritual condition is really influence our health condition.

Avicenna, the famous moslem doctor along centuries, emphasizes that there is a tight relation between soul and body health. That’s why; Spiritual healing such as using suggestion is the better one to heal the illness. There are several reason why soul condition can determine our body health. First, the way we think about something is influence toward our body health. Otherwise, the body health is influence to our soul condition too. Another reason is, there is someone was healed because he/she has the great intention to be healed, and there is a health person who thinks that his self is sick, until he is really getting sick physically. Furthermore, between body and soul, there are interactions which influence each other. And that is what we call suggestion. However, physical-spiritually healing is proper to overcome the physical illness. I think those reason are make a sense, and we can practice it in our daily life.


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